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Discover a world where the freshness of the sea meets the warmth of the land. At Pezcow, each dish is a culinary adventure, prepared with passion and served with elegance. Come and immerse yourself in an unparalleled gastronomic experience!

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About Pezcow Restaurant

Located in Windsor Palms Plaza, Pezcow Restaurant emerges as an exceptional culinary destination for lovers of seafood gastronomy, without leaving aside those who prefer the flavors of the land.

The specialty of the house, undoubtedly, is seafood dishes. From succulent paellas loaded with fresh seafood to the refined flavor of baked salmon, each dish is a work of culinary art that delights the senses. Pezcow’s chefs, experts in both traditional and innovative techniques, carefully select each ingredient, ensuring the highest quality and freshness.


Our menu includes a variety of environmentally friendly seafood dishes, including both raw and cooked options. Whether it’s a whole freshly caught fish, a seafood tower, or a composed dish, you can rest assured that we’ve done our part to carefully choose the ingredients from the finest producers.

Of course, seafood isn’t the only responsibly sourced component to our cooking. There’s also special attention paid to all of the meats on the Pezcow menu. We’ve sourced our meats from some of the best regional ranchers, who are known for offering the most tender and flavorful products.

At Pezcow we celebrate the diversity of nature’s bounty, from the peaks to the shores. Come and taste it for yourself!


Creative cuisine with a global touch is prepared by our experienced chef, who creates elegant and fresh dishes with just a touch of Latin flair. Book now and be surprised at our restaurant.


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